Humpty Funky: Engine Engine Number 9 Edition…

December 19, 2012



Yeah, so the Christmas Edition of Humpty Funky got derailed owing to a scheduling issue. I’ll resurrect it in a different form soon. Meanwhile, here’s some awesome funkiness from not-so-back-in-the-day. It’s a little ditty by Ed Lover and Dr Dre. Stick this in your earhole and feel the funk.

And if you’re wondering about the Dr Dre thing, this Dr Dre isn’t that Dr Dre. Wait. What I’m trying to say is that this Dr Dre is the Yo MTV Raps VJ and not the Death Row Records Dr Dre. That said, this Dr Dre and Ed Lover did put out a movie back in the day called “Who’s The Man?” It’s not Oscar material but if you want some laughs, check it out…

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