Five For Friday: 5 Sequels That Were Actually Good…

November 2, 2012

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Usually when Hollywood finds something good, they try to rehash the formula and replicate that success. They call it the sequel. I call it the 99% failure rate. The cinemas are overrun by half-baked sequels that suck so much ass that they threaten to collapse our universe into a crap-scented vortex where mediocrity will overwhelm us all. In hell, shitty sequels are all that’s on TV. Of course, once in a blue moon, Hollywood gets it right and they come up with a sequel that is every bit as good as the original (even if they need to go to the well three times or more) and sometimes even betters its predecessors. In today’s #545, we got 5 sequels that are definitely worth watching…

Back To The Future Pt 2
I think outside of Empire Strikes Back, the prequel to this movie has the most enjoyable cliffhanger ending…mostly because it was like the whole TO BE CONTINUED vibe. It was like “OMG! They’ve been planning this the whole time!?” So yeah, the sequel rocked was all the cool touches and “meta” stuff for the real geeks out there who were paying really close attention to the first movie. PLUS hover boards! C’mon future, give us the damned hover boards already!

Return To Oz
This makes the list since it was a sequel that happened decades after the original. More than that, it terrified the shit out of me as a kid. This movie was as creepy as the original was cute. No dancing lions. No brainless scarecrows. Just the Wheelers, some fun in a lunatic asylum, a touch-it-and-die desert, and Mombi, a witch with detachable sentient heads. Oh yeah and no singing and dancing either. Yeah, whoever cooked this one up was seriously tripping the Goth vibes.

“There’s something moving and it ain’t us”. Aliens picked up nicely where the first movie left off and reconnected us with Ripley. You gotta feel for Ripley. If ever there was a woman with a Cassandra complex it’s this chick. What was really cool about this movie was that we finally realised just how badass these aliens actually were. In the first movie, it was a massacre of civilians but in this movie the aliens went up against friggin’ space marines…and whupped their asses like they were runaway slaves. 

The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Rises is to The Dark Knight what every other Baldwin brother is to Alex: shitty by a country mile. The Dark Knight is Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy masterpiece. Self-assured performances by Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart make this movie sizzle all the way through (despite Maggie Gyllenhaal’s face). Even Bane, the guy who essentially is Batman’s Doomsday, had nothing on the Joker from this movie. And while Heath Ledger’s Joker may have been right out of Brian Azzarello’s Joker, that’s cool too because the dude did it justice.

The Godfather Pt 2
How do you top a movie like The Godfather? Where do you even begin? Well, you give Francis Ford Coppola full creative control (Coppola wanted Martin Scorcese to direct but the studio wasn’t having any of it so Coppola took the helm again – so that kind of worked out). You let him work with Mario Puzo on the screenplay. You get back Al Pacino. You hire Robert De Niro. And you tell a story about a maelstrom of absolute power, blood ties and willingness to do whatever it takes to survive in a world where hypocrisy is the only currency. Oh and you’ll need a pair of balls crafted from solid titanium with a diamond core.

Truly the greatest of all sequels ever.

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5 Comments on “Five For Friday: 5 Sequels That Were Actually Good…”

  1. horse's head Says:

    Matin Scorcese? Don’t you mean Francis Ford Coppola?


    • phr0ggi Says:

      Your’e totally right.
      Put my hand up for that one.
      I meant to bracket that Scorcese reference with the whole “he was rejected by the studio” thing and forgot to edit that line.
      Well spotted.


  2. amandalovesmovies Says:

    Funny how Godfather 2 is one of the most celebrated sequels, while 3 is one of the most loathed


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