The Little Black Dress Gets Replaced…

December 12, 2011


Every woman with an iota of style sense has a Little Black Dress (LBD) in her closet.

It’s the go-to garment for any occasion. I think it’s even acceptable at weddings. It can be dressed up or dressed down and is basically the Swiss Army knife of clothing. Well, it was until this little red number was spotted. Check this out…

Now, that’s versatility. It’s a scarf and a dress and a hoodie and a skirt and… It’s like a Transformer! It’s the Optimus Prime of women’s wear!


Props to the cute saleslady for making it look so easy though. I’m pretty sure it takes a little more practice than she’s letting on. So yeah, it’s only a matter of time until the WLTT (Weird Little Tube Thing) will replace the LBD as the must-have item of…well…forever. Of course, the killer question is: but does it come in black?

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5 Comments on “The Little Black Dress Gets Replaced…”

  1. Anni Says:

    What great ideas…this gives me ‘permission’ to get into my ceslot and rid myself of a few dresses (and make some room, too!). Keep ‘em coming—I’m liking what I’m reading!


  2. hailey Says:

    can anyone tell me where the first black dress on the left is from?


  3. qwert Says:

    what is this red thing??? i want it!!!!!!!!!!


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